Don’t Steer Wrong: Why Your Wheel Won’t Turn Right

A modern car steering wheel

A properly functioning steering wheel is essential for safe driving. If you’ve encountered difficulty turning right, particularly if the wheel feels stuck, it’s a cause for concern. Here, we explore some reasons why this might happen and what you should do.

Possible Culprits:

  • Power Steering Issues: Modern cars rely on power steering to ease turning. Low power steering fluid or a malfunctioning pump can significantly increase steering effort, making it feel like the wheel is stuck.
  • Steering System Woes: Beyond the power steering, mechanical problems within the steering rack or linkage can cause binding and restricted movement, especially when turning in a specific direction.
  • Suspension Concerns: Though less likely, worn suspension components or misalignment can put undue stress on the steering system, leading to resistance when turning.

What Not To Do:

  • Don’t Force It: Forcing a stuck steering wheel can worsen the problem and potentially lead to loss of control.
  • Don’t Drive: If you experience this issue on the road, pull over safely as soon as possible and turn on your hazard lights.

Taking Charge:

  • Seek Professional Help: A qualified mechanic can diagnose the cause of the problem and recommend repairs. Don’t attempt to fix a steering issue yourself, as it’s crucial for safe driving.
  • Check Fluid Levels: While you wait for a mechanic appointment, you can check your power steering fluid level (consult your car’s manual for instructions). If the fluid is low, topping it up might be a temporary solution, but it won’t fix the underlying issue.

Prevention is Key:

  • Regular Maintenance: Scheduled servicing often includes checks on fluid levels and steering components. Addressing minor issues early on can prevent bigger problems down the road.
  • Listen to Your Car: Unusual noises or vibrations while turning can be early signs of trouble. Don’t ignore them!

Remember, a properly functioning steering system is vital for safety. If your steering wheel feels stuck, especially when turning right, get professional help promptly. Don’t wait for a minor issue to turn into a major problem.

Drive safe! And remember, routine maintenance is your friend when it comes to car care.

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